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Creating a sustainable farm

Ecological solutions to help our journey to becoming a sustainable and self-sufficient farm are at the heart of Bryerley Springs


With the installation of our towering wind turbine earlier last year, added to the power generated by solar panels installed on the rooves of the indoor schools, we are well on our way to becoming self sufficient in our power production.


Our next goal is to utilise the underground springs on the farm to provide our own water supply. The first step is to install a filtration system and initially pump water from the spring to all the water troughs in the fields on the farm.


Once this has been achieved, we will start going through the process to get the water tested, approved and licensed to provide a water supply to all the residential properties on the farm. We will keep you updated over the coming months on how we are moving forward with this project.


With the installation of more solar panels to the rooves of the indoor arenas we have also had to fit more battery packs to hold the power.


We will produce over 50,000kw of power just from our solar panels this year, making the whole farm self-sufficient in it’s generation of electricty.

All the hay we use to feed the riding school and livery horses and ponies is also produced on the farm and supplies other livery yards in the local area.

stacked hay bales in a barn
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